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Georgia District Delivers Seamless Access to Web Applications with Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution

The Challenge

After teaching middle school for ten years, Rose Powell, the current Executive Director of Technology Services at Bibb County School District recognized that the most significant barrier to using digital resources is getting students quick access to their programs. As an educator, school administrator, and parent, Powell embraced leveraging single sign-on to simplify access and improve security by eliminating the use of easy-to-remember, reused and improperly stored passwords.


Bibb County School District leaders looked for a flexible single sign-on solution that would allow them to centralize resources, empower users with easy access, and improve password security. In fall 2017, the district selected ClassLink and was pleasantly surprised by the ease of rollout and implementation. The solution was strategically rolled out to teachers and staff first, so comfort and ease of use were established before students started using it. ClassLink offers flexible sign-in methods including the scannable QR code, ClassLink QuickCard. Perfect for younger students, ClassLink QuickCard eliminates the need for younger students to manually type in a username and a password, which has been highly beneficial for their Kindergarteners.

The Outcome

Since the introduction of single sign-on at Bibb County, classroom efficiency has improved. Students no longer struggle to locate or login to resources and can engage their teachers with questions and focus on learning. The district leverages ClassLink QuickCards with their younger students. Application usage in younger grades has quickly climbed as a result.

“We are spending more time learning and getting started on instructional matters than we are trying to get everyone logged in,” shared Sarah Chancelor, a Media Specialist at Howard Middle School. With easier access now a priority, students, teachers, and parents can access their assigned learning tools with just one click. District administrators see the benefits of improved access behind the scenes, as usage data provided in ClassLink Analytics allows them to track which learning applications are adding value. They can now answer questions about how many users are logging in and which resources they are using, even revealing after hours and weekend usage.

“We are spending more time learning and getting started on instructional matters than we are trying to get everyone logged in.”

Rose Powell
Bibb County School District, GA

Project Lead

Project Leads

Rose Powell
Executive Director of Technology Services


Education, PreK-12


Bibb County School District is based in Macon, Georgia, and has a total student enrollment of 24,000 and staff of 3,400 across 38 sites.


Bibb County School District needed a way to standardize access to applications and improve security. To remove barriers to access, improve user experience, address compliance, and adoption of new applications, the district looked for a reliable single sign-on provider with a reputation for being education-focused.


Bibb County selected ClassLink in fall 2017. The district rolled out ‘Bibb County ClassLink’ to teachers and staff to get comfortable using the new system before introducing it to students.

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Rose Powell