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Tackling Digital Access at Casper College: A Transformative Experience

The Challenge

Casper College amassed a large library of digital resources including web apps, online learning material, and a course management system. To provide single sign-on access to these resources, the college relied on an outdated web portal that was cumbersome to use. Many applications, most notably Google Apps, were not compatible with the portal’s SSO capability, and required manual sign-on.

The college resolved to find a better way of delivering their digital library. The new solution would need to support SSO for a wider variety of applications and require little training to use.

Choosing ClassLink

After considering several alternatives, Casper College chose ClassLink to deliver their digital library. The features that made ClassLink attractive were its intuitive interface, nearly unlimited single sign-ons, and low cost. “The price was approximately one third the cost of other solutions we reviewed,” said Kent Brooks, Director of IT for Casper College.

The Outcome

Casper’s community of students, faculty, and staff were quick to adapt to ClassLink because the interface is so clean and simple. The college also leverages My Files to provide instant access to school network files from any device and location.

Students and faculty appreciate a single interface for accessing 225+ cloud-based resources including Google Apps, Moodle, and WebAdvisor.  With freedom to customize ClassLink for their unique college community, Casper enabled one click access to FAFSA pages and other engagement and retention programs.

“When you provide people access to a tool that’s useful like this, they end up finding creative ways to use it.”

Kent Brooks
Casper College

Project Lead

Project Leads

Kent Brooks
Director of Information Technology


Education, Post-Secondary


Casper College is a public, comprehensive two-year institution in Casper, Wyoming. The college enrolls nearly 4,000 students and employs over 250 faculty members. The campus consists of 28 buildings spanning 200 acres.


To boost productivity, Casper College wanted a robust, easy to use, and faster single sign-on solution to replace their outdated web portal.


In 2014, Casper College chose ClassLink to deliver their digital resources to students and faculty.  ClassLink provides single sign-on access to over 225 apps and files from anywhere, on any device.

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Kent Brooks